United States Flag

United States Flag Reversed

United States Army Seal

United States Army Patch

United States Army Retired

United States Army National Guard

United States Army of One Patch

Comm - Hatchet Recon Platoon

Comm - Defenders of our Freedom

Comm - Gulf War Veteran

Comm - POW MIA

Comm - POW MIA 2

Comm - Pearl Harbor Plaque

Comm - Recon Tab Subdued

Comm - Sniper Tab Subdued

Comm - Somalia Veteran

Coin - Old Guard 3rd Infantry

1st Armored Division

1st Army

1st Army with Mountain Tab

1st Aviation Brigade

1st Cavalry

1st Cavalry with Airborne Tab

1st Field Force Vietnam

1st Field Force Vietnam with Airborne Tab

1st Field Force Vietnam with E 20 LRP and Airborne Tab

1st Field Force Vietnam with E 20 LRP Ranger and Airborne Tab

1st Infantry Division

1st Marine Expeditionary Force Forward

1st Marine Division

1st Ranger Battalion

1st Ranger Battalion with Ranger Tab

1st Signal Brigade

1st Space Brigade

1st Special Forces Group

1st Special Forces with SF Tab

1st Special Forces Group with SF & Ranger Tab

10th Mountain Division

11th Air Assault with Airborne Tab

11th Armored Cavalry Regiment

11th Military Police Brigade

12th Aviation Brigade

13th Support Command

15th Regimental Signal Brigade

16th Military Police Brigade

17th Airborne Division

17th Cavalry Regiment HHT 1st Sqd

17th Field Artillery

18th Airborne Corps

18th Aviation Brigade

18th Engineer Brigade

18th Field Artillery

18th Military Police Brigade

101st Airborne Division

101st Airborne Division with Ranger Tab

101st Airborne Division with LRP Tab

104th Infantry Division

108th Air Defense Artillery Brigade

110th Aviation Brigade

115th Fires Brigade

116th Brigade Combat Team

116th Armored Cavalry Regiment

130th Engineer Brigade

135th Field Artillery

134th Assault Helicopter Company

143rd Transportation Command

155th Brigade Combat Team

157th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade

160th Signal Brigade

160th SOAR

170th Infantry Brigade

172nd Light Infantry Brigade

172nd Infantry Regiment with Mountain Tab

173rd Airborne Brigade

173rd Airborne Bde with Abn Ranger Tab

177th Armored Brigade

177th Military Police Brigade

194th Armored Brigade

198th Light Infantry Brigade

2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment

2nd Armored Division

2nd Army

2nd Field Force Vietnam

2nd Infantry Division

2nd Marine Expeditionary Force (FWD)

2nd Ranger Battalion

2nd Ranger Battalion with Ranger Tab

2nd Support Command

20th Engineer Brigade

20th Engineer Brigade with Airborne Tab

21st Theater Support Command

23rd Infantry Division

24th Corps

24th Infantry Division

25th Infantry Division

25th Infantry Division with Airborne Tab

26th Infantry Division

27th Infantry Division

28th Infantry Division PANG

29th Infantry Division

205th Military Intelligence Brigade

207th Military Intelligence Battalion

214th Field Artillery Brigade

218th Infantry Brigade

220th Military Police Brigade

278th Armored Cavalry Regiment

3rd Armored Cavalry

3rd Armored Division

3rd Army

3rd Corps

3rd Corps Support Command

3rd Infantry Division

3rd Medical Command

3rd Ranger Battalion Scroll

30th Field Artillery Brigade

30th Infantry Division

32nd Infantry Division

34th Infantry Division

35th Signal Brigade

35th Signal Brigage with Airborne Tab

36th Engineer Brigade

36th Infantry Division

38th Artillery Brigade

38th Infantry Division

330th Medical Brigade

4th Infantry Division

40th Infantry Division

40th Infantry Brigade Combat Team

42nd Infantry Division

42nd Military Police Brigade

44th Medical Brigade

44th Medical Brigade with Airborne Tab

49th Military Police Brigade

45th Infantry Brigade

412th Engineer Command

5th Army

5th Corps

5th Infantry Division

5th Ranger Training Battalion Scroll

5th Ranger Training Battalion Scroll with Ranger Tab

5th Signal Command

52nd Ordnance

56th Field Artillery Brigade with Pershing Tab

59th Ordnance Brigade

501st Sustainment Brigade

502nd Infantry Regiment

504th Military Intellegence Brigade

509th Infantry Regiment

513th Military Intelligence Brigade

525th Military Intelligence Brigade

6th Army

6th Infantry Division

69th Infantry Division

69th Signal Battalion

7th Army

7th Army with Berlin Tab

7th Corps

7th Engineer Brigade

7th Infantry Division

7th Infantry Division with Ranger Tab

7th Medical Brigade

7th Transportation Command

75th Field Artillery Brigade

75th Ranger Battalion Scroll

75th Ranger Battalion Scroll with Ranger Tab

75th Airborne Ranger Scroll - Vietnam Era

76th Infantry Brigade

78th Infantry Division

79th Infantry Division

8th Army

8th Infantry Division

8th Infantry Division with Tab

82nd Airborne Division

82nd Airborne Division with Ranger Tab

82nd Airborne Raider

89th Military Police Brigade

800th Military Police Brigade

9th Air Force

9th Infantry Division

9th Infantry Regiment

93rd Signal Brigade

94th AAMDC

96th RRC

99th ARCOM

94th Reserve Support Command

926th Engineer Brigade

Allied Command Europe Mobile Force (Land)

Arizona National Guard

Army Aviation School

Army Material Command

Army Security Agency

Asymmetric Warfare Group

Criminal Investigation Division



I Corps


Intelligence Support Activity

Intelligence Support Activity - Ranger

Jungle Expert Patch

MAC Vietnam

Military District of Washington

Multi National Corps Iraq

Multi National Forces Iraq

National Guard Georgia 78th Troop Command

National Guard Maryland

National Guard Massachusetts




Network Enterprise Technology Command


Signal Training School

Special Operations Command

Special Operations Command Central

Tennessee National Guard

Texas State Guard


USAJFKSWCS with Ranger Tab


USAREUR Berlin Brigade



USASOC with Ranger Tab

US Armor Training Center

US Army Alaska

US Army Combined Arms Center

US Army Field Artillery School

US Army Infantry School

US Army Infantry School with Airborne Tab

US Army Infantry School with Ranger/Airborne Tab

US Army Infantry School with Sapper/Airborne Tab

US Army Medical Command

US Army Military Police Command Panama

US Army Republic of Vietnam

US Army South

US Central Command